I am the wife of one of the very first information scientists. A man who worked on convincing European PPT’s to open up to allow the internet to become a reality.

I am the mother of two children. A daughter who has survived tragedy to become a successful director of an American medical devices company. She is also the mother of two of my wonderful grandchildren. One who never leaves a pencil and sketchpad out of his hand the other who is full of drama. My son supports his family by running a business on programming solutions for companies but his first love is wood turning. Each one of his three adorable children is interested in different aspects of art and design. One spends her time designing cloths.

My son taught me the basics of programming many years ago and although I have never programmed professionally I still have some idea what is going on behind this page….

My passion is photogaphy but gardening is a very close second. I garden on an acre of island terrain. I open my space to the public in the summer.

I divide my time between France and Ireland. I have lived and worked in many countries including Ireland, England, France, Luxembourg and a couple of African countries.

I have worked as a researcher, a teacher, a development worker, a conference organiser and general factotum.

I work part-time in a craft shop and a gallery.

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I have completed Expressing Your Vision and am completing Context and Narrative for assessment.

I hope to complete a Photography BA (Hons)