Assignments Diary

Thursday 28 July 2016

I have just set up this site today so have no idea where I am going with it. I need to check options and decide if I need more options by upgrading.

Friday 29 July 2016

Re-read the notes for Graphic Design Part 1. Spent some time thinking about films and TV shows for the first exercise: Charades. I am really looking forward to trying this out with family and friends.

Also spent time thinking about how to represent myself on three or more postcards. Ideas which seem relevant are:

  • Green Fingers
  • Travelling Photographer
  • Reader
  • Sewing bee

I looked at some designs for Green Fingers on Pintarest and Google Images and, of course, found almost the exact designs I had in mind. But I will go ahead with these anyway and see what I can make of them.

Asked my niece’s advice about how to go about designing. She is a graphic designer turned fine artist. She suggested looking at all the magazines, newspapers and online to see what styles appeal to me and create my own version of these. Sounds simpler than I am sure it will be…

My black paper arrived for my new log book. Excited about making this, I want to make a hand made logbook. I hope this is not too ambitious but I think if this part of level 1 is about design I should try this out.

Thursday 4 August 2016

Have started my research on graphic designers. I started with Paul Rand and read several articles and watched a video interview in three parts. Will write this up in my research page.

My Grapfic Design: A User’s Manual arrived in the post today so I now, at least, have some reference material with which to start my work. So happy.

Monday 6 August 2016

I have been reading with interest Adrian Shaugnessy’s book. I have so much to learn and never enough time. However I am travelling to Scotland end of this week so will have lots of travelling time. I had my Street Art Exhibition opening, at Organico Cafe, Bantry, on Saturday. I gave a short presentation on the Street Art of Valparaiso, which went very well. Then spent the weekend, with my family, on the mainland. Asked one of my granddaughters to make three postcards depicting me as she saw me. I will include these in my physical learning log. I have also asked my daughter to do the same.

Back on Sherkin and straight into the garden.

Tuesday 7 August 2016

I want to start to make my new physical log today. I have an idea that I will create a book using black card. The cover will be covered with material and the pages bound together with a material binding. A fall in the garden forced me inside and I tried out my idea of the log book. I was not happy with the result so abandoned the idea. I may return ot it later.

Wednesday 8 August 2016


I organised my Mime game cards and laminated them. I want to make a little pocket for them and put that into my log. I am off on my travels this afternoon so little time to do more for this week.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Have been in Edinburgh for the past four days at the Fringe. Well not specifically at the Fringe but celebrating a friend’s birthday and the Fringe was on at the same time. It was my first visit to Edinburgh and therefore my first to the Fringe. It certainly will not be my last.

While there I used the opportunity to collect several brochures for the different shows. I’ll make a small booklet of these as I want to see how I feel about how these flyers are designed. I became acutely aware of all the publicity around the city. I was looking at typefaces and whether a grid system had been used. All these concepts are new to me but I am really enjoying the process.

I also used the time to reflect on how I want to develop my postcards describing myself. I realise I like minimalist design. I found most of the flyers at Edinburgh too fussy. I know they were trying to impart information about shows that were taking place but I was put off by most of them.

I have also asked some members of my family to make a word or image postcard using one or two words which they think describes me. My grandchildren’s ideas were hilarious.

19 August 2016

Continuing to read O’Shaugnessy’s Graphic design manual. I am able to do this when I am not too busy in my craft shop employment. However today was my busiest day of the Summer. The season is winding down now.

I have now got two designs for my cards with which I am happy. One is to describe me as a photographer and the other as a reader. My problem is I have too many hobbies…. Going to work is my problem but I am lucky to work in two places I love, a craft shop and a gallery. I worked on depicting my hobby theatre, yesterday. I also know how I want to depict sewing which I do less of these days but still love.

Must contact tutor re whether she wants to get the actual cards or if images online will suffice.

21 August 2016

face_collage_smMade a collage of the small publicity squares from The Fringe magazine and stuck these on to an outline of myself with my glasses on my head – their usual spot. I converted the collage to B&W and reduced it to card size. This is now printed and added to my assignment blog. I added the explanation to the rear. Am not so happy with this one. I think it is a little amateurish in the final card.


sewingCompleted my sewing one and added it to my assignment notes.Not unhappy with it but could be happier.



Now I need to retrieve the notes I made at the Impressionists exhibition in Edinburgh and write them up. I also need to write up the Taylor Wessing Prize exhibition.

22 August 2016

Today is my daughters birthday and we are lucky enough to have her visiting Ireland at the moment.

Retrieved the notes I wrote on the impressionists exhibition in Edinburgh and wrote up here. Now need to do the Taylor Wessing exhibition which I saw also in Edinburgh.

29 August 2019

Am reading through my blog before submission to tutor for first assessment.

1 September 2016

Decided to try to re-draw curtain on theatre image. Had looked through millions of free stock images to see if I could use one but very few had only a single curtain and most were way to elaborate. So returned to my hand drawn one.

Have looked up other students “Introducing myself” cards and am now filled with fear as they all look so professional. However I tell myself that they are probably GD students and not photography students and anyway I am here to learn.

Will send this off and see….

2 September 2016

Even though I had sent this off I still wanted to try out my Green Fingers idea. After having a group of 20 people to visit the garden I could not face going out again so I had great fun messing with paint. I had learned from another fellow student about ‘dafont’ for free fonts. So I downloaded “scorched ground’ and used this for the work green. I then painted my fingers and palm and pressed them to the paper. A bit messy but fun to do.

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