Exercise: Seeing the Light

Using only an image of a light bulb, the word ‘light bulb’ and a block of colour of your choice create different designs that explore visual dynamics – as the kitten designs shown in the previous project.

Think about your compositions, trying each element at a different sizes and cropping your photo. Your block of colour can be any size, so use it fully to create a sense of space in your composition. Think about layering your visual elements to create depth within your designs and think about contrasts.

I started this exercise by doing a series of thumbnails in my log book. I decided to use black as my fill colour because I realised on looking at my diary that I like black and white designs. Here is the result of these sketches.


I will now examine these to try to find the 20 that ‘stand out’ from the rest. I had to use a charcoal pencil for some of them because of the text. I would do this text in white on the computer.

I was not sure how flexible the block of colour could be or whether ‘shades’ of the colour were acceptable. I was also unsure whether using white as my block colour, for example in design number 20 was acceptable or whether a gradient of the colour could be used.  I included one or two of these ideas as I found the exercise a little boring doing 20 designs like the kitten design in the notes.

I used photoshop, rather than InDesign or Illustrator as I was not sure I could control all these elements.

This is the result:


On reflection I am not sure this fits the criteria. If it were a client I could check. I looked up some other students work on the web and they seem to have stuck to the ‘kitten model’.



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