Assignment 4: Typography Diary

10 january 2017

Finished my assignment 3 and posted it. I also reworked what was recommended in my last tutor report. Now it is on to Assignment 4.

12 january 2017

My husband returned having helped to wake and bury his oldest friend – not easy but he is very pragmatic. We are determined to live every moment of the lives we have left – one wastes so much time when young…

I printed the list of words and have started to arrange the ones I found easiest. Will continue today after some research.

FRIDAY 13 January 2017

It’s Friday 13th and am still unscathed… Tried to photograph my “Playing with Words” outside but it is freezing and blowing a hooley…. Did about half and now my Nikon transfer won’t cope… Did I say unscathed!!! Received my book ordered from Phaidon which were On Sale. “Beware of Wet Paint”, “Cindy Sherman” and “Surrealism”. Looking forward to a good read.

Had reply from Irish Print Museum – not very encouraging. The book Irish Type Design suggested coast 25€.. and is not available on any of the online sources that I can fine. Will just have to do my best to find material online.

14 January 2017

Finished making my images of my “playing with Words”. had to do them inside as the Mistral was blowing hard. Have now made thumbnails and added to my log. I also made my booklet to add to my written log.

16 january 2017

I have finished my wonderful new book “Beware of Wet Paint”. Now to write a review and get on with other work using the tremendous influence of this book…

17 january 2017

Am adding images to my blog. My Nikon NX2 has ceased to open and I have learned it is no longer supported so I am getting my images off it on to my external hard drives.




This has pushed me to  add images which were ‘waiting’ to my blog.





I have also started Cindy Sherman by  Paul Moorhouse   . So dull compared to the Alan Fletcher book. her work is very specific and if it is not ‘your thing’ it is hard to get enthused by it.




In the introduction to this chapter it is pointed out that print from letterpress is usually a little raised.




letterpress_printI searched out some very old books which we inherited from my husbands family. Here is one that his grandfather was given in 1870 for being a good student….


24 January 2017

In Paris this weekend with the grandchildren. This meant we had to select visits which suited a three year old and a five year old… We needed to be quite creative and flexible. I and my daughter wanted to see some ‘grown up” exhibitions but we decided it should be predominantly about the children. So we visited the Aquarium which was brilliant and the Natural History Museum which was equally good.

Then we allowed ourselves to visit the Grand Palais to see the Mexique exhibition. Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite female artists so this was a must. It was a bit of a challenge to keep the three year old amused. Grandpa did that for us. I wrote a review here.

The Grandpa and I went to the Biblioteque Nationale de France BnF to see the Richard Avedon Exhibition. I have written a review here.

27 january 2017

What a marathon this first exercise has been in Assignment 4. I have been reading Type & Typography at the same time as trying to create interesting  outcomes for each of the 30 words given. I am totally exhausted. However I think I have learned something about typography. I have also learned some of the possibilities of Illustrator.

I wrote up my review of Richard Avedon’s exhibition in Paris. I now need to write up my book Cindy Shermann which I finished on the trip to Paris. I want to write a review of the chapter in Type & Typography but am not sure if I really understand enough about all this. It is interesting as I am remembering things from when I first worked with computers which are discussed in this book. Having an information scientist for a husband meant we were one of the first families to have a computer. Since he was also one of the founding pioneers of the Internet I absorbed a lot of the original terminology. However I still find it a little baffling.

7 February 2017

It is days since I wrote in my diary. This is because I am busy creating my sample book of typefaces (or Type Families). This has involved a lot of researching on the Internet to get my head around the terminology. I really want to do this so I will be better informed in the use of Typefaces. I am loving it. But it is time consuming.

I am also creating my sample book at the same time. I have created Version 1. Now I am trying to rationalise it. I will put each stage on my log page. I have also printed out Version 1. I will add this to my physical log book.

In order to get a feeling for what typefaces I should use for the short story for the woman’s magazine I wrote a ridiculous story under the given title. I am also researching on the internet for advice.

8 February 2017

So I tried out different typefaces for my story and printed them out. My husband, who used to write a technical magazine, had a look and decided which typeface was the most legible. He offered some opinions too about the “mis en page” – how does one say that in English? All our professional work has been down in French!! “Put on page” does not sound correct…

Now I need to get the ‘corrected’ best version into InDesign..

13 February 2017

Brilliant weekend in Rome. Mostly for the guys to see Ireland trash Italy at rugby…. I passed on the match to visit some museums and to just walk around Rome and drink in its atmosphere. I visited two museums both of which gave me a lot to think about. I have written reviews in my review section. One under installation artists – although this is not strictly where it fits. The other under photography.

I always travel light so I just had a tiny notebook and a biro with me. I made a few sketches for my ads. I have pasted them into my log book. I need to get going on these and see what is best….

16 february 2017

I have been thinking about how to proceed with these typography exercises. I am enjoying researching designers who specialise in typography. But now I must get down to the job in hand…

I am loosing the will to live here trying to create some artwork for the invitation to the engagement party. I had this crazy idea of creating puzzle pieces. I got as far as step 12 but could not work out the next steps. the resulting puzzle piece was OK so I decided to go with it….. I am not that keen on the end result but it has taken so much time to get this far I will leave it for today and maybe try again tomorrow….

24 february 2017

I was completely unaware of the thousands of typefaces that exist. My head is spinning looking at these on the web. I am also flabbergasted at the price of some of these. I looked up Akzidenz for example and it costs several hundreds of euro to get the complete set. I am looking at fonts for technology magazines. These are not discussed as frequently as fonts for women’s magazines. I see Font Space has several hundred for free. I wonder what the catch is?

Futura seems to be a good standby and I like it’s clean lines. Avenir Next is also used quite frequently. I think it best to stick to the tried and tested rather than try to be to quirky. I want to try some Infographics in the exercise. I like the idea of getting some practise in this which I did not know existed until this morning….

27 february 2017.

I have set up some sketches in my log book for this exercise and have more or less settled on trying one. I want to create an interesting background as I think technical guys reading a software review would be the sort of audience who would like this. I researched technical backgrounds. I then researched how to create abstract backgrounds in Illustrator. I am trying out the Mesh gradient tool…. It is great fun. I have decided to call my software “Clear Cloud” – this will allow me to create another cloud….. I love making clouds now. I will use clip art for the mobile phones, camera etc.

19 March 2017

I cannot believe it has been so long since I wrote in my diary. I suppose this is because I have been working with my log book on sketches for Assignment 4. I had friends here to stay also and since one of them is an artist she was delighted with watching me work…… She is an oil painter. I have also spent the past ten days in UK to visit family and sort out family problems. Then on to London to stay with friends, the wife is also a photographer so we spent our time visiting Tate Britian, Tate Modern and the National Portrait gallery. It was amazing. I need to write all these up.

I found it hard to come up with sketches for the work “TYPE” with which I was happy. This was until I was lying in my bed one morning watching my projector clock. I loved the shape of the numbers so I decided to try this for my letters. I liked them so I went with them. I had so many ideas but time was my problem. I am reasonably happy with my cover page.

I then wrote, in Word, the bits for the inside page of the magazine.

I wanted to keep the idea of the gradient that I had used on the cover. I thought it fitted with the old newspaper. However I had created the cover in Illustrator and I wanted to use InDesign for the pages. I had never created a gradient in InDesign nor had I done a double page spread. I “sort of” managed the double page spread but I had a front page which I could not delete. I printed the double page on my A3 printer but it came out as two pages. This allowed me to correct the text and see how it looked but I would like to know how to print  a double page spread. Could not find this anywhere. When I exported the document to Photoshop it came in as two pages also. I just increased the canvas size of the first page to double and copied and pasted the other page into it. Although this worked it is not, I imagine, the most efficient way to do this. So much to learn.

20 March 2017

Today is my daughter’s first husband’s anniversary. He died so suddenly. I have just had a text from her to say she is at the hospital where he was brought with her three year old (with her second husband) while they check out the little one’s heart for a heart murmur… Life can be very cruel sometimes.

I will occupy myself with checking through my submission for assignment 4 while I await news of my beloved grand daughter.