Colour Theory into Painting Practise

I attende a colour theory course over the weekend 26 – 29 May 2017 on Sherkin Island, West Cork, where I live.

The course started with a brief introduction to the colour wheel. We were then give the three primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow, in acrylic paint. The instructor then talked about mixing these colours to make many shades of grey. We made a series of colour swatches going from dark grey and adding white to give lighter and lighter grey.

Were also tasked with mixing two primary colours in the 1:1 proportion and then increasing one colour 1:2, 1:3 etc. We made colour charts with these.

Jo explained that in painting adding one colour to the other was about subtracting colour in the direction of black.

In the afternoon we went to the beach and were asked to paint what we saw in lines of colour using the theory we had learned in the morning.

We were a group of six and everyone managed to produce quite respectable canvases. We had six small postcard size canvases and we were told to woe quickly. We all got really in to this.

The venue is Sherkin Northshore which is a great facility for all sorts of activities both artistic and musical. The owners are wonderful cooks so the food for a course is superb.

On the second day we were given a small group of grey beach stones, and asked to paint these. There was one set of stone per two people. It was really interesting to see how we each managed to produce different painting of the same set. Then we were free to go outside and paint the surrounding again using our newly acquired knowledge of colour mixing.

I unfortunately could not attend the third day due to a medical appointment. But I am told it was equally successful. it was about complimentary colours.