Exercise 1:Picture Charades

For this exercise you will need to find a friend or family member to help you. You are going to play a game of charades in which you try and communicate the name of a TV programme, film or book using only drawing. You are not allowed to just write the name of your film or book down, that would be too easy – instead you will need to draw pictures to represent the syllables of your title or illustrates its content.
Think about the essential elements. These could be typographic shorthands such as ‘Z Cars’ and ‘The X Factor’; or accepted assumptions such as a black and white dog is a dalmatian, as in the poster below; or a rebus – for example: G+ = glove – there are lots on the internet; or just plain good drawing. Don’t talk – let your drawings give all the clues they need to. If it’s not working, rethink your approach, redraw it and try  again.

I played this game with my husband. I drew little images on square pieces of paper and he guessed (correctly every time) the name of the film or TV show I was demonstrating. This may be more because we are married 48 years rather than my ability to draw good images.

However it was fun so I decided to make more permanent little images and to protect them so they could be re-used. I wrote Rules for the game and put this into my learning log.

This was the first time I was really aware of the font I used for the Title of the Rules. I chose a ‘cracked’ font.