Exercise: Lorum Ipsum

Now select one of the designs from your research that you like and think works. Using the dummy text, try and copy the layout and design as closely as possible. You will need to measure the margins and column widths. If you don’t have the exact typeface get as near as you can. If you are copying a page that includes photographs just leave 10% tinted boxes to indicate their position.

Is the type serif or sans serif? Is the text set ragged or justified? Are there spaces after paragraphs or are new paragraphs indented? How many columns are there to a page?

What happens when you alter the fonts, change the alignment, adjust the leading or tracking?

Now try another, different publication from your collection.

I looked at a number of publications and answered the questions above as best I could. The most difficult for me is to identify the fonts used.

Here are my notes in my learning log.


I asked my husband which article he found easiest to read. He had no doubt it was Astronomy Ireland. Interestingly it had sans serif in both headline and body text.


I looked at all the characteristics of the letters and then looked up http://www.identifont.com What it gave me was Fedra Sans thin Display Codensed which seemed correct based on the following letters which I copied and pasted into Photoshop.


This font does not seem to be available either to download or buy. I thought Tahoma was near it and Ariel nearer. I did five or six copies of the text using either Tahoma or Ariel and altering the leading and tracking. I seemed to have overwritten 3….

Font used pt size leading tracking
1 Tahoma 12 18pt 0
2 Tahoma 12 14pt (-10)
4 Tahoma 9 14pt (-10)
5 Tahoma 9 14pt 0
6 Ariel 9 14pt 0
7 Ariel 10 14pt 0

The last version seemed to fit the closest although it is not very close. I put them all into my learning log.


For my second task I chose the Independent article as I wanted to try a newspaper story.


I now tried to identify the font using Identifont.com.










It came up with the following: Monotype Bodoni which looks very similar













I tried Bodoni.

  • First thing I learned was the paragraphs were justified with the last line aligned left. I had not noticed this..
  • The paragraphs were indented
  • headline is similar to American typewriter but I could not identify it despite the “R” being so distinctive. American Typewriter has a similar “R”The point size seems to be 40
  • the subheading looked like Ariel
  • for the body text BodoniI used 9pt.
  • the leading seems to be 9pt
  • tracking looks good at 10