Exercise: Poster and flyer

This exercise is about how you deal with two different spaces to work in.

You have been asked to design an A3 poster and an accompanying double sided A6 flyer to promote a singing course run by an organisation called SingOut (all one word). They have very little money so want to print these posters on their black and white photocopier. You can use a colour paper if you want.

You may want to include an image such as a drawing or photograph, but be very careful with photos as they tend not to reproduce well on a photocopier particularly if they are colour photos. You will need to check by printing off your design and/or photocopying it.

The information they want to give is:

  • • Do you love to sing?
  • • Join us for an exciting opportunity during the day with a professional vocal coach.
  • Learn to sing different types of music, vocal techniques, meet new people and have fun!
  • • 10.30 to 12.00 every Tuesday from 11 March
  • • The Community Centre, Charlotte Church Road
  • • £60 for the course
  • • No experience needed/no requirement to read music
  • • For more information call 011779 8765432 http://www.singout.com

The first thing you need to do is work out if you have all the information you need to fulfill the brief. If not what is missing? Work out the hierarchy of the information. How will you divide your information up to fit on both sides of your flyer? How will you link the design for the poster with that of the flyer? How can you make the poster eyecatching and effective with such a limited palette? Which typeface or faces will you use and why have you made that decision?

When you have finished pin your poster up and critique your work. What do you think?

Keep notes and sketches in your learning log.


I looked up a reference my tutor had given me. This were really inspiring.

I then researched Templates for music lesson posters:


I first looked at some B&W posters on Google to get som ideas:

I love the face in half and half black and white but cannot see how it would fit into this project. I also like the abstracts.

I then narrowed the search to ‘music” B&W posters and used some of these to inspire me. Here is my sketch book. I played with notes and pianos and a bird.

My first efforts are not too satisfactory especially the typefaces used in the bird example:

I don’t like the typeface on the bird and I do not like the “Do you like singing” positioning. I also need to line up the ‘more information’ with the ‘tel’.

Here is next effort:

I like this better but not the “like singing” typeface. So back to the drawing board.


Then I tried another poster using a piano illustration I created:

I like this better. I am especially proud of the star with the use of the ‘scallop’ tool. But this is missing the start day of the coaching so I nee to add it. Where?? And maybe change the love to a heart symbol?

This now contains all the information. I will test both my examples on a few friends and see what they think.

The simpler one was more popular so here is the final version with some of the glitches tidied up..

For the double sided A6 flyer I have used the same piano theme but put less information on the front side since the rear side is available for all the additional information.

and the rear side of the flyer:



My favourite image is the second bird composition – here the image works well to frame a central space. My top hint or suggestion would be not to forget the learning you’ve done about grid systems for type these apply to all designs and not just magazine articles or book layout. Could you map a grid system for the flyer that might work better using this kind of suggested template as a starting point? What’s the hierachy of the type?

I took the suggested poster and made a grid in my sketch book. I realised that the “sweet point was to the bottom right so I added the text here. This is the result which I think looks a lot better.