Exercise: The French Hen

Newton and Ridley, the brewers best known for their pub, The Rovers Return, are opening a cafe/wine bar nearer the city centre.

The bar is designed to appeal to younger women and sophisticated young men. The brewery has identified a gap in the market and wants to provide a ’sophisticated and relaxed’ venue for the ‘discerning’ drinker. This bar is to be called the French Hen and will be in direct competition with the cheap ‘binge drinking’ venues on the same street. The brewery is also trying to enhance its own image as a ‘respectable’ alcohol vendor.

They want you to develop some ideas for a logo, to be used:

  • • on covers for the food and cocktail menus
  • • in colour on the signage outside, and as a cutout for a window detail
  • • on T-shirts for the staff and paper napkins
  • • for one side of a beermat, the other will carry advice on sensible drinking.

There are many conventions that have been developed around the marketing of both bars and products to this age range. You need to be conscious the whole time of avoiding clichés and stereotyping.

Draw up at least three ideas to start with. Be critical of your work.

Check it against the information you have here. Will it do what the client wants – and how will you know?

When you have decided which one you are happiest with, mock up the menu covers, the outside sign, the window detail, a T-shirt, paper napkin and beermat. Does it all still work?

Some ideas from research:



















Then I did a mind map to try to concentrate my thoughts on what was important in this task.




Sketched out some ideas and then set to work.











I was originally opposed to the idea of using a french hen which is in fact a cock but my husband thought it absolutely necessary for this logo. hence I created two different logos.



The first involved tracing the french cock which I found in google images. I then created the french flag using information for the colours which I found online. I superimposed a .PNG file of the cock on to the flag.


I then created a glass in Illustrator following a YouTube video the link for which I give on my diary. This is a pretty basic glass but it gave me the opportunity to work again with the pen tool. I also learned about reflecting the first half to get a perfect shape. I refreshed my ‘join’ of two points.


I placed the hen in the glass as a PNG file.


I added the text. I used Parisish typeface as I thought it fitted the brief. I rotated the cafe name to make it fit into the stem and used 43pt on the bottom text so that it lined up with the edges of the glass.


I added a gradient behind the whole.

This is the result:

then added the Menu text:

The sign could be printed on some silver metal:


Window Cut out:

I looked up a T-Shirt manufacturer as I wanted to see how it looked on the back. However for a single example it would have cost €32!! So I took a screen snap of the result:















This logo is a text based logo. So I chose InDesign to create it. I used a black background.


I wanted a slim font because I wanted to make the letter “h” into a bottle. The font I used was eccentric standard. I stretched it, saving the letter “h” to be added later.


I then made the ‘h’ in a bottle shape, copied it and rotated it so that the two ‘h’s’ were two half bottles.

STEP 4: 

I then superimposed the bottle on to the outline of grapes.

This is the result:




The Menu cover


The sign:



The window cut out:

The T Shirt:















I personally like the second of these logos. I think it is more sophisticated than the first. I think it works better on the T-Shirt but not on the window cut out. I like the napkin with the glass logo. But do not think that it works as an outside sign.

I will gather other opinions. I guess this all makes one think of how to achieve multiple uses of a single logo.

I enjoyed the process of creation as it forced me to revisit some of both my InDesign and Illustrator skills. I think I am becoming more confident in the use of these software programmes.


– You demonstrate strength in your ideas again through your thumbnailing and initial drawings. I particularly like the glass/hen combo and think this could be a winning logo idea!

Whilst the below examples lean towards novelty, I love how the shape of the birds and the glass fit together.. you go one step further in your design by using the flag’s colour to depict the wine and this demonstrates the kind of playful thinking that is crucial to the designer and something I’d encourage you to nurture/expand or document more of in your process.

I tried to create something using my tutor’s idea of the hen as a shape of a glass. I found this almost impossible with my present illustrator skills. This is the result of my efforts.