The Impressionists: Daubigny, Van Gogh and Monet.

The Scottish National Galley is showing a very interesting impressionists exhibition. The predominant painter on exhibition is Daubingy. His huge influence on the young impressionists, that were just emerging towards the middle of his career, is beautifully demonstrated.I had not known about this influence before visiting this exhibition. Daubigny was exhibiting already in the Salon when Monet was just born.

Daubigny supported the work of the young impressionists and tried to have it accepted by the Salon. There are a number of Monet’s works on display. Daubigny’s work was much darker, in the style of the time.

daubigny_1Daubingy became very successful and well off. He commissioned a river boat which he had fitted out as a floating studio. The exhibition has a model of this boat. Monet visited Daubingy and they worked on the boat on the river. Working outside like this was not the norm at the time. They both used the river as a foreground and both showed river reflections. Monet’s work was much lighter than Daubigny.

daubigny_sunset daubigny_2

Monet was so impressed with Daubigny’s outdoor river studio that he bought a similar boat and converted it to a studio.

Van Gogh was also deeply influenced by Daubingy. There are two sets of three paintings, one by each of the three painters. The different style of each is so clearly demonstrated. Daubingy, although still producing much heavier work than either Monet or Van Gogh, was being influenced by the younger painters. Monet’s work is so light and ethereal while Van Gogh’s is unmistakably his own strong brush strokes.

The exhibition is hung based on a timeline so the cross influences are very evident. The information is clearly presented. This is one of the best impressionists exhibitions I have ever seen.