Each year, at this time, the city of Aix en Provence organises an exhibition of photographers work in a number of different venues. Thirty three photographers took part. The venues varied enormously from galleries, through cinema vestibules to furniture shops. Some venues suited the work better than others.

I did not get to see all of the work as the venues were quite spread out. The work was themed and one group had no theme.

I visited most of the work in the theme “Myth or reality” which consisted of seven photographers.

ludivine_largebesetteThe first set was entitled Adaption by Ludivine Large-Bessette: They were a little quirky but suited the space which was a theatre.





clara_feder_3Next was an interesting set called Double Sens by Clara Feder. These were most interesting and did not suffer from the fact they were being exhibited in a furniture store. The space was large and the furniture very tasteful.


clara_feder_1 clara_feder_2








The next photographers was Sylvia Cloua. Her work was exhibited in a really strange Spanish cafe. The work suited this environment and the clientele were really interesting. These were excellent images. Each one was of the same model but the poses were different.



jean_marc_valladierThe next photographer Jean-Marc Valladier¬†with a set entitled “Quelque part“was let down by his venue. The shop was narrow and badly lit. The work was interesting using a well know technique of copying one side to the image on to the other side as a reflection.

nora_constansIf the last venue let Valladier down the next one destroyed the work of Nora Constans…. it was in a general store and the images were behind a set of hang in bulbs…