Fleeting Moments by Rodin at SMK


This is an exhibition of Rodin’s sketches rather than his sculptures. It is the first time I have ever seen Rodin’s sketches. The exhibition was divided into themes. These are not sketches for his sculptures but works in their own right. One can almost feel the presence of this great man. The movement in the sketches is so delicate and etherial. Apparently he used to ask his models to move around the studio. He considered himself part of the scene which often lead to intimate contact between him and his models. This scandalised some people at the time. It was so difficult for his partner and his mistresses. But the themes Dance and Desire demonstrate this emotion so deeply.

The Black Drawings are different. These were created while Rodin was reading Dante’s Divine Comedy. Some drawings refer to actual passages of the poems others are more indirectly connected with  the poem. The drawings were prompted by a commission, a large gate now called The Gates of Hell.

There were a few sculptures but I decided to take images of the reflections of these rather than the actual sculptures.